Both Scotland and the rest of the UK are wrong!

Scotland is right asking to Remain in the EU as England, Wales and Northern Ireland is right asking to Leave the EU. What is wrong between the two parties it’s the lack of unity as a nation in United Kingdom.

The local Referendum results are showing very strongly that Scotland wish to remain (62%), the numbers showing much more sense of a direction than England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Theresa May will greatly suffer on the political scene after all this will end, no matter what will be the result because the referendum’s total numbers are too close to a tie and she threatened repeatedly the Scottish by taking them out of the EU regardless their 62% BRemain vote.


Hopefully Theresa will not be the one that not only took her country out of EU, but divided the UK too. Nicola Sturgeon’s opposition to this BRexit process is a win-win situation for her. Theresa is now literally whining that Nicola’s taking a stand for Scotland calling her actions irresponsible and the timing being more than inadequate.

You should be quite hypocrite in order to say that what Nicola did for her electors (as she was elected!) is wrong and what Theresa’s doing for the rest is right. Theresa has a simple goal: “Let’s honour the will of the British people”. All the nations that are forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should quit their roots and people and be British or be forgotten.

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The Fish and Chips Myth

I’ve been told that nothing in the world will compare with the taste of fish and chips served by the seaside. So, naturally, I tried it. Several times actually and I liked it in the sense that it’s simply fish with chips that can be seasoned with gravy, salt and vinegar.

Then I tried it at home, several times and from several local fish and chips takeaways, therefore not by the seaside and the taste was the same. In fact, the sort of a food poisoning or after eating nausea sensation was a bit less pronounced than serving it by the seaside.

The heart diseases and over-weight problems are easy to identify when a medium portion of fish and chips has over a thousand calories, it’s mostly carbs and worst fats. Arguing about the qualities of the fish after it has been fried, most of the time in rapeseed oil as it’s cheaper, it’s just like bragging about what great house you’ve had after you burned it down by choice and now you’re living on the streets. Quit being lame by telling me that it’s the traditional food so we all ought be proud of it.

Tradition is mostly rooted in poverty as it was designed for the masses so they identify with something accessible to the common individual. There is a saying that you have to feed the masses with circus and freebies in order to keep them happy. It’s easy to make masses proud of something cheap and meaningless and you can see that if you isolate the social and cultural background argument from the object itself. Of course, identity (patriotism included) was built on these premises and human vanity is exploited by feeding meaningless arguments for meaningless short term purposes that build, overall, the chauvinism.

Maybe another difficulty rises here that worth thinking about: How can traditions be good if they contain so many inadequate activities to our times? Why do people tend to return to traditions defecting their own lives and living other’s dreams?

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Great Britain divided by its own

I keep hear among Brits that their country is divided more than ever and the main cause is immigration. It’s argued that the immigrants came and stole all the young brits’ jobs, brought their foreign and weird customs and settled in clans that they call communities so they can protect themselves and claim undeserved benefits.

The country is indeed divided, we can see that by reading the comments between those voted for Brexit and those voted Remain. On both sides are UK citizens. BRemainers seems to be less emotional about the Referendum result as they see mutual advantages with EU on the long term, mostly based on historical facts. BRexit side care mostly about two aspects: 1) “We want our white British to enjoy their white British way of life” and 2) “We will be finally free again”.

Who is dividing the country after all? Or what? Isn’t actually the hate that Brits shows one another? Isn’t xenophobia what degrades mostly a nation in today’s era? Aren’t borders (in a broader sense) means for separating people and cultures while placing them in conflict whenever they are required or in need to interact?

There are voices that patriotism is a value that will keep a nation undivided no matter what disagreements may raise between patriots. History shows us that this is not actually true. Moreover, patriotism’s counterpart is always xenophobia. Therefore, there is no immigrant ruining you white British way of life. It’s just an excuse for… something else.

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Working hours

One of the weirdest thing I noticed when I relocated in the UK was the working hours for different quite basic services. This may sounds bizarre, but I find myself very often beaten by the British logic which sometimes has nothing to do with the Logic itself.

For instance, if you want to get a haircut in a decent salon, you will realise that the working hours are the same as your working hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. So, if you need a haircut, you have to skip an hour from work. I actually asked my manager (initially as a joke) on a Friday to allow me to leave one hour earlier from work so I can get to the salon before the closing hour. He said “Sure, no problem!”. That was odd! I was getting a haircut during working hours. On Monday I came to the office one hour earlier to compensate and being earlier didn’t seem to be the best thing I did and even today I am still not sure why.

If you need to find an auto service because your car needs new spark plugs or break pads changed as they are almost worn out, again you’ll find the same 9 to 5 working schedule. That means that not only you’ll have to pay for the parts, for the mechanical work, but also lose about half a day work pay or sacrifice your work holidays.

There are two categories of business that are opened after 5pm until around midnight, and somehow related: bars/pubs and fast foods. Because in the UK very few people actually cook (microwaving is not cooking, nor heating in the oven plastic boxes with processed food), the explosion of the filthiest fast foods I’ve ever seen is at its maximum. Bars are full, being drunk is a virtue and you usually see people waiting out in the rain for a seat just to have a few beers. This image it’s absolutely horrifying and is has to be experimented, not told.

Beyond drinking cheapest booze and eating fish and chips, there is not much of a real life in the UK. And you have to blend in, laugh at all sort of senseless jokes, otherwise you’ll feel the discrimination knife stabbing you that makes you wonder where are those British people about you’ve heard so many wonderful things: politeness, multiculturalism, tolerance, where are those gentlemen and lovely ladies dressed up so elegantly? Stop! There is no such thing! It’s a myth! It’s something to be shown on TV. Period. The British way, despite the multitude of opportunities that this state provide, is one Google search away: “life on the dole” because, as Sharon Minkin puts it bluntly “Working is not worth it!”.

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A very short introduction

In very few words, I don’t consider myself another odd one out, but I definitely am one of those who would spend his money on anonymity, than popularity. That means I don’t crave for attention as most people I live daily surrounded by are trying to get by, literally, burping and farting.

English is not my first language, therefore I suggest you focus on the message, and not its form. I am aware that most of my thoughts and future writings have been already debated on the Internet, that’s why I take this opportunity to enforce the status of my writings as being a telling of my own experience.

Hopefully, as time passes, my english will improve and I’ll be able to make myself understood with fewer but concise words. I do suffer of long sentences in my native language and I have the tendency doing the same thing when writing in english even if I am aware that I have a modest vocabulary.

On the personal side, I haven’t decided to come alone to the UK. However I will refer mostly to myself as there is only me who’s writing on this blog. I have thirty-something years old, I am married and we both decided to live and work in the UK at the very beginning of 2016. I have a Bachelor degree, a Master degree and, if I’m gonna have the time and motivation, I’m going to finalise my PhD thesis too. The same about my wife, except that she’s twenty-something. We have no children yet. We both work full-time, live in a rented house, own a decent car for work commuting, and not claiming any benefits.

This blog’s title (Among Brits) may suggest that you should save time and hate me now. It may be a bit harsh and somewhat an unfair statement as one might argue that not all British people think unrealistically high about themselves and very few feel that they are a superior breed, also not all enjoy living on the dole, therefore my generalisation will fail. If you are going to argue that and you identify with what you’re preaching about, then you’ll reasonable confirm that you and I have something in common that, partly, cannot contradict the very title of this blog.

Stay tuned. It will get interesting.

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