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My interest, me and only me

In the UK, looking after your very own interest is the only way to go. Don’t fall for “team sacrifice” or “personal compromise” in the interest of the “big picture” as most organisational cultures theories are fuelling some companies. This does … Continue reading

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Cadbury Dilemma Explained

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Who is the British born Westminster attacker?

The British Intelligence (forgive the oxymoron) is acting senseless on the attacker’s identity after almost 24 hours. I remember the both regrettable 2016 Paris attack, or the 2016 Berlin attack, where actual terrorists were involved, and where actual terrorist attacks … Continue reading

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Westminster (fake) terror(ist) attack

The actual known reality is that people died there and the mass-media in the UK are already leading people into assuming that there was a terrorist attack. They began semantically safe by calling it “Westminster terror incident” which is not … Continue reading

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English vs. Scottish

Among Brits, the English people are the ones with the highest opinion of themselves. The try to diminish all Scottish, Welsh and mostly Northern Irish people. They all are a joke when compared to English people in their discourse. Being … Continue reading

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Being the only two foreigners at work

The business I work for is quite big, around 500 employees. About 50 employees are working at the offices, myself included. The other about 450 employees are working on the production shop floor and are 90% immigrants. Offices and Shop … Continue reading

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Dumps called houses allover the UK

The way I see it, as an immigrant in the UK, therefore observing by comparison with the country I come from and with other countries I visited or lived in, there is a missing piece when you weight between the … Continue reading

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