Who is the British born Westminster attacker?

The British Intelligence (forgive the oxymoron) is acting senseless on the attacker’s identity after almost 24 hours. I remember the both regrettable 2016 Paris attack, or the 2016 Berlin attack, where actual terrorists were involved, and where actual terrorist attacks have occurred, as per “acts of terrorism” definition, both events have been followed within hours by presenting the identity of all those involved, proving that the French Intelligence or German Intelligence fought against acts of terror, not imaginary (wishful Islamic) terrorist attacks.

The attacker was a British born individual, as the authorities confirms, and that made me think on how being born British does not make you a superior individual as most Brits think of themselves. British born may also be terrorists as the facts show.

It’s regrettable that several people died in this incident, but we will never know what were the assailant’s reasons as long as the Police shot him dead like he was pointing a firearm against them, instead of shooting for immobilisation. Those that pulled the trigger with the intention to kill on sight the attacker are also murderers as they acted on revenge, rather than thinking on long term like keeping him alive and question him about other possible similar plots. I agree that panic will be the first argument, but it’s supposed that those people are trained in a special way.

There will be no hero in this story, no matter who’ll be using it even peculiarly. Unfortunately, a moment of silence is now useless.

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