Westminster (fake) terror(ist) attack

The actual known reality is that people died there and the mass-media in the UK are already leading people into assuming that there was a terrorist attack. They began semantically safe by calling it “Westminster terror incident” which is not at all inaccurate, but contains the right prefix for leading the audience. And all this within an hour from the incident.

It’s like they all wish that the incident have been a terrorist attack just to convince themselves that they are such an important nation that makes terrorists not sleeping at nights. Oh, I barely wait to see how they will link this incident with the discussions about the Scottish referendum, Laptop ban, or how EU is bringing only corruption and terrorism to UK.

Everyone around me act so concerned and implicated, twitting rubbish with Westminster hash tags craving for attention, continuously assuming and presuming about everything and anything. People died there and all they hope is that none is British. How sick and chauvinist is that, to value a life based on it’s nationality.

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