English vs. Scottish

Among Brits, the English people are the ones with the highest opinion of themselves. The try to diminish all Scottish, Welsh and mostly Northern Irish people. They all are a joke when compared to English people in their discourse. Being an English individual (traveler) anywhere in the world actually it’s like finally the sun is rising. That high they think of themselves.

I have been told by so many English people in several occasions that I must avoid the Scots as being very poor, filthy (literally) and with no agenda, but mostly to avoid the Northern Irish for their aggressiveness. If you have knowledge about this generalization (or share this view), I would love to know your thoughts on the matter a little bit in depth.

My experience with the Scots was actually one of the most welcoming ever in my travels. From Edinburgh to Nessy’s Loch, people in smaller and larger Scottish towns, some truly isolated, they all have a different approach when meeting new people or new cultures, mostly caring about how they could be better in making you feel more welcome.

It’s obvious that they are not reluctant to immigrants as they see jobs in general as privileges, not rights. They are aware that there jobs are allover, and it’s a dummy argument to ask for a job when you know (actually want) to do nothing, then blame everyone else for one’s own failure or lack of ambition as happens so often in England region.

From the English people, while disguising myself as a tourist (having the camera hanged on my neck), I was systematically been assured, as one young man said it strongly while sucking up a joint, “The bloody immigrants are getting all our jobs while we were born here and we should be look out first”. I have never heard such a thing, not even close while in Scotland.

But the Scottish are not making it any easier on the English people either. For me, being a non-English immigrant in Scotland it was quite easy for them to make me willing to integrate with the Scottish way of life, traditions, history and so on. I am sure the story would be different if I was an English man in Scotland.

I know that English people lie and deceit themselves as they always need someone to assure them that they are special, different, better. That’s why Scots can’t stand them, Northern Irish can’t stand them, while neighbors, and not to mention other nations like French that are truly an example of high class, true distinction, diplomacy,  with facts, not with words, and without bragging about all that. It’s no wonder that there are English people being ashamed of their very own, as everywhere actually, but this people should be a majority, not a minority.


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