Dumps called houses allover the UK

The way I see it, as an immigrant in the UK, therefore observing by comparison with the country I come from and with other countries I visited or lived in, there is a missing piece when you weight between the opportunities the UK system provides (especially to it’s own citizens) and the sightseeing most big cities and towns are showing.

I am referring to a heavy stifling smell of dirt among houses in quite big cities’ or towns’ neighborhoods where windows are blinded literally with bed sheets, where the mountains of waste decorate street corners, where single mothers are the mainly occupants with their heavily tattooed and pierced bodies, mostly over-weighted and, on top, with their hair dyed like a rainbow, pushing baby strollers all day long and checking the cash machines hourly hoping that their benefit has been wired into their account, or, better yet, increased. It may sound like an exaggeration for some of the readers of this blog, but it’s not at all.

For those that are quite skeptic about my description, I always suggest you to experiment directly the reality rather to be told about it and stop assuming that these are isolated cases. These isolated cases are so many now that you may easily say that the true isolated cases are the ones where people actually live decently.

But who’s fault is it, if there is someone’s fault? Is it the local council’s fault by not caring about its inhabitants beyond collecting their taxes? Are the people living in those area simply careless about their streets or neighborhood? If you have the answer to that, share it.


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2 Responses to Dumps called houses allover the UK

  1. cyprusthrive says:

    It’s not the system that makes the people, it’s the people who make the system.


  2. D says:

    Bluntly: the system provides (in its limits), but the beneficiaries don’t care much about the opportunities at all as living on the dole is much more comfy?


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