My interest, me and only me

In the UK, looking after your very own interest is the only way to go. Don’t fall for “team sacrifice” or “personal compromise” in the interest of the “big picture” as most organisational cultures theories are fuelling some companies.

This does not mean that you should not be flexible at work, on the contrary, be open to cover multiple tasks if you have the skills and time. There is a balance needed here to be created by capable people as the “big picture” usually makes you small and most of the time reduce you to insignificance at work. This is not a reality, it’s just a trick to keep you in tension and make you wonder continuously if you actually have some sort of job security. Human Resources personnel will make use of that trick in waves so they can make sure you still have some sense of achievement at the workplace.

As on the matter of principle, everyone at my workplace have no problem shouting that if something doesn’t feed their own interests (at any level, even not work related), then they prefer adopting a reluctant attitude.

There is no need to provide actual examples, as I always prefer not to judge by particular cases, but the principle itself. Having rules under which we can classify our actions will provide clarity and clear guidelines. By generating ad-hoc temporary rules  for particular cases so they can be manipulated toward the “big picture” is manipulative, incoherent, and unfair.

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Cadbury Dilemma Explained

Cadbury Brexit Dilemma perceived by Brits

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Who is the British born Westminster attacker?

The British Intelligence (forgive the oxymoron) is acting senseless on the attacker’s identity after almost 24 hours. I remember the both regrettable 2016 Paris attack, or the 2016 Berlin attack, where actual terrorists were involved, and where actual terrorist attacks have occurred, as per “acts of terrorism” definition, both events have been followed within hours by presenting the identity of all those involved, proving that the French Intelligence or German Intelligence fought against acts of terror, not imaginary (wishful Islamic) terrorist attacks.

The attacker was a British born individual, as the authorities confirms, and that made me think on how being born British does not make you a superior individual as most Brits think of themselves. British born may also be terrorists as the facts show.

It’s regrettable that several people died in this incident, but we will never know what were the assailant’s reasons as long as the Police shot him dead like he was pointing a firearm against them, instead of shooting for immobilisation. Those that pulled the trigger with the intention to kill on sight the attacker are also murderers as they acted on revenge, rather than thinking on long term like keeping him alive and question him about other possible similar plots. I agree that panic will be the first argument, but it’s supposed that those people are trained in a special way.

There will be no hero in this story, no matter who’ll be using it even peculiarly. Unfortunately, a moment of silence is now useless.

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Westminster (fake) terror(ist) attack

The actual known reality is that people died there and the mass-media in the UK are already leading people into assuming that there was a terrorist attack. They began semantically safe by calling it “Westminster terror incident” which is not at all inaccurate, but contains the right prefix for leading the audience. And all this within an hour from the incident.

It’s like they all wish that the incident have been a terrorist attack just to convince themselves that they are such an important nation that makes terrorists not sleeping at nights. Oh, I barely wait to see how they will link this incident with the discussions about the Scottish referendum, Laptop ban, or how EU is bringing only corruption and terrorism to UK.

Everyone around me act so concerned and implicated, twitting rubbish with Westminster hash tags craving for attention, continuously assuming and presuming about everything and anything. People died there and all they hope is that none is British. How sick and chauvinist is that, to value a life based on it’s nationality.

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English vs. Scottish

Among Brits, the English people are the ones with the highest opinion of themselves. The try to diminish all Scottish, Welsh and mostly Northern Irish people. They all are a joke when compared to English people in their discourse. Being an English individual (traveler) anywhere in the world actually it’s like finally the sun is rising. That high they think of themselves.

I have been told by so many English people in several occasions that I must avoid the Scots as being very poor, filthy (literally) and with no agenda, but mostly to avoid the Northern Irish for their aggressiveness. If you have knowledge about this generalization (or share this view), I would love to know your thoughts on the matter a little bit in depth.

My experience with the Scots was actually one of the most welcoming ever in my travels. From Edinburgh to Nessy’s Loch, people in smaller and larger Scottish towns, some truly isolated, they all have a different approach when meeting new people or new cultures, mostly caring about how they could be better in making you feel more welcome.

It’s obvious that they are not reluctant to immigrants as they see jobs in general as privileges, not rights. They are aware that there jobs are allover, and it’s a dummy argument to ask for a job when you know (actually want) to do nothing, then blame everyone else for one’s own failure or lack of ambition as happens so often in England region.

From the English people, while disguising myself as a tourist (having the camera hanged on my neck), I was systematically been assured, as one young man said it strongly while sucking up a joint, “The bloody immigrants are getting all our jobs while we were born here and we should be look out first”. I have never heard such a thing, not even close while in Scotland.

But the Scottish are not making it any easier on the English people either. For me, being a non-English immigrant in Scotland it was quite easy for them to make me willing to integrate with the Scottish way of life, traditions, history and so on. I am sure the story would be different if I was an English man in Scotland.

I know that English people lie and deceit themselves as they always need someone to assure them that they are special, different, better. That’s why Scots can’t stand them, Northern Irish can’t stand them, while neighbors, and not to mention other nations like French that are truly an example of high class, true distinction, diplomacy,  with facts, not with words, and without bragging about all that. It’s no wonder that there are English people being ashamed of their very own, as everywhere actually, but this people should be a majority, not a minority.


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Being the only two foreigners at work

The business I work for is quite big, around 500 employees. About 50 employees are working at the offices, myself included. The other about 450 employees are working on the production shop floor and are 90% immigrants. Offices and Shop Floor personnel rarely interact as there are managers that speak on their behalf.  Business owners are British.

“At the Offices” I am one of the two non-British employees. The other employee is my wife. If I would be ending this post here, what would be you very first thoughts? If you have the liberty, comment bellow you very first thoughts, then continue reading.

You may consider that those who say “What I do for living is what I love doing” are truly privileged. And I think you might be right if you think about it as doing eight hours a day what you like and being paid for it, truly this is a spectacular privilege. But of course, we all have our bad days. Anyways, this paragraph was intended not to allow you to peak on how I am about to continue with being the only foreigners at work.

Let me start with the traditional tea/brew invitations that happen about six times a day, Monday to Friday. I can count the times I have been asked if I want a brew at about 5 times since I got employed, about a year ago. Four times I have been asked by my former manager that left six months after I got employed. My wife is a bit spoiled on the matter as she gets asked about two of three times a week. But I got over it, even if it bothered me at first, let’s say that I am not British therefore I might not be entitled to participate on such traditions.

Allow me to continue with the so called Friday’s Breakfast Day, when most of my colleagues are ordering breakfast from a local fast-food. If I am not the one that is going to take the order for my colleagues, then the order will go through silently without me being asked. As just happened this morning when they ordered pizza. There is a tacit agreement between them in order to make me feel as unwelcome as possible.

Something more eloquent that strongly contradict the proudly invoked British politeness and reveals their voluntary chauvinists attitude are the exchange of the most primitive pleasantries like “Good morning”, “See you later” and such. If the business owners are present in the office, everything is like on telly: exaggerating with pleasantries and smiles. When the business owners are not around, I could swear that I am entering in a wax museum, rather that an office, as my pleasantries are never answered. Maybe my pronunciation is wrong, who knows.

In principle, every company has a well defined position responsible for saying “No”. I get a “No!” or strongly being questioned about everything I ask that is work related by everyone, no matter their position, relevance or knowledge on the matter, followed by corner gossips and weird looks. All arguments, when asked on the matter, are rooted in chauvinist presumptions that are used to build unsustainable (mostly circular) arguments.

Human Resources asked me if I feel integrated with the British people, with the workplace in general, with the team in particular. Here comes the difficulty: What can I actually say?

My lunch break is over, back to work.

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Dumps called houses allover the UK

The way I see it, as an immigrant in the UK, therefore observing by comparison with the country I come from and with other countries I visited or lived in, there is a missing piece when you weight between the opportunities the UK system provides (especially to it’s own citizens) and the sightseeing most big cities and towns are showing.

I am referring to a heavy stifling smell of dirt among houses in quite big cities’ or towns’ neighborhoods where windows are blinded literally with bed sheets, where the mountains of waste decorate street corners, where single mothers are the mainly occupants with their heavily tattooed and pierced bodies, mostly over-weighted and, on top, with their hair dyed like a rainbow, pushing baby strollers all day long and checking the cash machines hourly hoping that their benefit has been wired into their account, or, better yet, increased. It may sound like an exaggeration for some of the readers of this blog, but it’s not at all.

For those that are quite skeptic about my description, I always suggest you to experiment directly the reality rather to be told about it and stop assuming that these are isolated cases. These isolated cases are so many now that you may easily say that the true isolated cases are the ones where people actually live decently.

But who’s fault is it, if there is someone’s fault? Is it the local council’s fault by not caring about its inhabitants beyond collecting their taxes? Are the people living in those area simply careless about their streets or neighborhood? If you have the answer to that, share it.


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